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Ertha Pascal-Trouillot (born 13 August 1943) was the provisional President of Haiti for 11 months in 1990 and 1991. She was the first woman in Haitian history to hold that office.

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James Theodore Holly #106a Consecrated November 8, 1874 Diocese of Haiti I Bishop of Haiti. First black bishop in the Episcopal Church. Born in Washington DC. Ordained and served as Deacon at St. Matthew's, Detroit, Michigan. Rector of St. Luke's, New Haven Connecticut. The first Black Bishop present at a Lambeth Conference (1878). Founded the Anglican Church in Haiti, L'Eglise Orthodoxe Apostolique Haitienne | Diocese of Haiti | Episcopal Church

Eberle Guilbaud was recruited from Haiti and graduated from pilot training at Tuskegee in April 1944,

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Toussaint Louverture : The Slave Who Freed Haiti #book #haiticulture #history

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La Citadelle, Haiti The mammoth La Citadelle of Haiti. The fort was built by the last king of Haiti, Henri Christophe and is the 8th man-made Wonder of the World.

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Haiti, known as the "jewel of the islands", was the first independent nation of Latin America and the Caribbean, the first black-led republic in the world, and the second republic in the Americas when it gained independence in 1804 as part of a successful slave revolution lasting nearly a decade. Our Heroes Toussaint Louverture and Jean Jacques Dessaline.

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The Haitian Family on the Titanic | Joseph Philippe Lemercier Laroche and his family | text by

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General Thomas-Alexandre Dumas (1762-1806) He was the son of a nobleman and a Haitian slave. Educated in France, he rose in the military to be the first black general in the French Army. He fought in Italy and Spain before losing favor with Napoleon for objecting to the reinstitution of slavery.

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