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Vessels sailing under the Haiti Country Flag are required to have on board this flag as part of flag state requirements that derive from maritime regula.

Haiti Flag Shirt Dress

Haiti Flag Shirt Dress

Haiti Flag, Flag Shirt, Shirt Dress, Summer Clothes, Flags

HAITI  HAITIAN HEROE Catherine Flon, the seamstress who sew our first flag

catherine flon haitian flag painting by Haitian artist patrick noze - Haitian Times

Haitian Pride

Illustration inspired by Haitian Pride and traditional dress.

Happy Haitian Flag Day! Rouj e Bleu!

The soldiers can come and do with us what they want. That makes papa feel weak, she says. He gets angry when he feels weak.

New mas band Ayiti Dous (Sweet Haiti) #LaborDay2013 #Brooklyn

Beautiful representation of the Haïtian flag. Her head piece and feathers represent a royal palm