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We will always love you Harry, we don't care about your looks or hairstyles, you always look beautiful no matter what hairstyle you have or what outfit you wear.. WE LOVE YOU :D -on behalf of all the directioners :)

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Chris Pine- a hahaha touch of grey I fucking love it

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The Freckled Fox - a Hairstyle Blog: Classic Baby Wrap How-To + A Happy Baby Wrap Giveaway!

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Normal people thoughts... (Moms of toddler boys- get in here) - Page 4

At 1am. Sure brain, it's cool. Anyways- help me BHB. I have a 14 month old with A LOT of hair. Thick, dark, kind of wavy hair. We are already on his 4th haircut, and he has an appt this weekend. I want something a little bit more fashionable than his usual cut, but SO is hesitant to jump on board. Which is odd, because my SO is very serious about his hair and has had plenty of flashy haircuts throughout the years. LO has a crazy cowlick right on the very base of his hairline (poor guy)…

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speech 102

"What's your name, kid?" The boy lifted his dirt-stained face and said, "Reuben." There wasn't a hint of fear or hesitation in him.

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Zayn Malik

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