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Is your hair falling out? Mine was! Horrible!!! I started using iodine and now my hair is thick and healthy. #lifesaver


#Repost @farahdhukai HOW TO STOP HAIR LOSS! Does your HAIR FALL OUT A LOT? Try this NATURAL treatment out and prevent your hair from falling out and make it stronggggg - no more shedding like a All you need is: ✅GUAVA TEA - the main ingredient is GUAVA LEAF Boil water and steep the tea how you would normally steep tea when you drink it (you can drink the left overs or store in the fridge for later use) LET COOL and then Spray onto your scalp and massage it in Let it dr...

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Coconut Milk & Honey for Hair loss

Coconut milk and honey hair mask! For growth and hair loss! I've heard it's good for conditioning too.

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How To Put Coconut Oil In Your Hair To Stop It From Going Gray, Thinning Or Falling Out

How To Put Coconut Oil In Your Hair To Stop It From Going Gray, Thinning Or Falling Out #essential#oils#beauty#DIY


HOW TO REGROW HAIR NATURALLY! do you have bald spots or thinning hair thats falling out? then you NEED to try this EASY and CHEAP DIY! I personally have suffered from traction alopecia and this helped to grow my hair back - who knew that tight face lift ponytails could cause hair to rip out from its root and essentially create a bald spot in the back of your head :( beauty is paaainnnn my frandz All you need is: ✅FRESH GINGER ✅Cut a piece of fresh ginger and apply...


If you have thin hair, or previously had thicker hair but it lost its fullness I have a savior for you poor hair. I started off using the shampoo only then fell in love with the rest! Helped my hair get back to how full it was after almost a whole year with glued in extensions, yuck. After I realized how dumb they were and took them out, my hair was crazy thin and falling out. This stuff really helped me gain body and thickness back. They have many other good products as well


I just started trying coconut milk on my hair, not only for it’s known hair growing abilities but also to prevent hair loss. Recently my hair has been falling out when I comb (gulp), so I dec…


Miracle in a bottle...even my husband has noticed how much thicker my hair has become. After battling acute anemia for years, these are the only things that I have gotten my hair to grow and stop falling out.