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How to make a bow bun out of your hair :) Why use a ribbon when you could turn your hair into an actual bow instead? This trend is sweeping the globe, turning everyday hair into a work of art.Here's how to shape your hair into a cute bow.

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Hair Bow How To: 1. Grab an even section of hair just above your ears. 2. Secure with a hair band, not pulling the hair through completely (creating a small half-bun). 3. Section the bun down the middle— these will be your bows. Fluff “bow” apart with your hands + secure to inside with a bobby pin. Repeat with other side. 4. Grab some of the remaining hair underneath your “bows” and tuck into a small hole you create at the crown of your head; bobby pin to secure. 5. Flip out the remaining…

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I tried this on my 7 year old daughter who has very thin hair and it still worked and looked so cute. She loved it!! I lied I don't have a daughter

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How to Make A Hair Bow Bun {Video Tutorial

How to Make A Hair Bow Bun {Video Tutorial} so cute deff gonna try this in my princess hair.

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The Bow Bun Tutorial | Beauty Tutorials by imad karrari
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batman+flower | Batman Loopy Flower Hair Bow by PixiePretties on Etsy

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JOJOS BOWS🎀(@fashionluver02 )

Coral Chiffon Hair Bow Clip | Claire's

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