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Haha Sport Football

19 Creative Ways People Have Satirized Anti-Gay Arguments

Everyone says its not a sport but football and other things are! Is football in the Olympics nope! The Olympics contains sports and horseback riding is in it so clearly it is a sport!!!

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OMG! I'm so happy there is a quite like this cause ballet men get so underrated sometimes... "If dance were easy, it would be called football" is what I thought when I saw this

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haha this is great! riding isn't easy, but then i don't play football

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Every time someone gave my boys crap about dance, I wanted to hit them over the head with this...

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Swimmers can throw a football but can football players swim? Just keep swimming!

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Ultimate Sport Wedding Cake!!! I want one and I hate sports!!!! #wedding #weddingcake

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So true!!!! Only reason I can think of to ever go to a football stadium! Haha. So jealous of my girlfriend and her husband. Perks of working for the leafs :)

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UGGGHHH i hate these pins! Do people know why only GUYS play pro football? besides those football players never took a gymnastics lesson but they still do back tucks on the field!

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you say horseback riding isn't a sport - Google Search

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