Apollo be there like, I'm so awesome my name doesn't need to change

These are the most prominent and popular gods/goddesses in Roman and Greek Mythology. The Romans took the gods of the Greeks and changed their names.

Baby Boy Names From Roman Mythology: The pantheon of Roman deities can provide you with an abundance of baby names. Here are the top 50 legendary names that have rich cultural connotations and are perfect for your precious little one.

50 Wonderful Roman Mythology Names For Your Baby

The Harry Potter names! (Also, still laughing that 'Rhea' means 'to flow' X'D)

The underworld was named after Hades himself. It was divided into several regions, among them Erebus, the upper region, Tartarus, the lower region and Elysium, Fields of the blessed.

Visit the Ancient world of the Underworld and the River Styx. Discover fascinating information about the River Styx. The mythology about River Styx and the ferryman.