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Weebly site - great for implementing/teaching habit of mind; comes with presentations and ideas for posters; grading rubrics

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What Are The Habits Of Mind? Problem-based learning and project-based learning provide a rich opportunity for students to deepen their knowledge, expand their repertoire of technical skills, and enhance their appreciation of thinking tools, processes and strategies.

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Habits of Mind Poster Set

Habits of Mind are skills students need to be successful in school and in life! These colorful posters identify 14 habits of Mind. Great for life skill lessons and classroom displays. In This Class We: •are persistent •are detectives •are communicators •are listeners •are thinkers •are questioners •are a team •are adventurous •are careful •are accurate •are observant •are humorous •are curious •are flexible $

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I created my own Habits of Mind posters. I wanted something more eye-catching and interesting to students. Wanted to share!

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Integrating the 16 Habits of Mind

Edutopia blogger Terry Heick provides a quick tour of Costa and Kallick's 16 Habits of Mind, along with suggestions for integrating them as classroom best practices.

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