20 Ways Men Can Feel Fulfilled In A Relationship

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Hey, the name's Kastor, but you can call me Kaz. Welcome to the land of Awesome, which just so happens to be wherever I'm at. I'm a cocky Dealer who would rather be up in the sky than on the ground trading goods. Oh, my wings? *unfolds them dramatically* 17 foot span on these black beauties. *grins smugly* I'm a huge flirt, but don't touch the wings. Gotta keep em nice for the ladies.

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Beautiful Disaster (EDITING!!) - Chapter 3: Don't trust the Hot Guy with the Blue Eyes

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AEC: Guys with dogs (27 photos)

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Boxing: GANADORA de los Wattys2015-Adicciones instantáneas. - Capitulo 14

wake up to that, i would be the happiest person alive. 저 얼굴이먼 ㅎ

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5 Signs That He Has Style

((FC: Andrew Garfield)) Hey, I'm Andrew. I'm 18 and single. I'm bi but I lean more towards guys....I am a bit shy but I can be flirty. Intro?

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"I was waiting for my coffee at Starbucks and a really handsome guy came next to me to order.I whispered "Daaamn" It was louder than I thought He looked at me and said "I was thinking the same thing""

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Yep. would rather have a guy with an awesome personality than a hot guy with nothing but his looks

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Important Things Everyone Should Know About Dave Franco

"Hello darlings. I'm Prince Daniel, I'm 18 and single, obviously. I'm looking forward to meeting my queen" I smile

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Photo (Breakfast At Zara's)

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