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"If nothing that has ever happened convinced you that your father is evil, he tied me up in barbed wire and told me that he wouldn't feed me until I got out. He plays mind games. He likes to watch people beg, cry, suffer. He has to die."

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I used Stampin' Up! Tie Dyed Stamp Set as well as Custom Tee to make this card. I'm really pleased with how the tie dyed effect came out!

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Random Inspiration 124

male senior picture poses | guy poses. I say, he looks quite a sir and that is quite a snazzy sweater...

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A random guy came up to me in the supermarket and gave me his sweater to tie around my waist because I started my period without knowing. So embarrassed but restored a lot of faith in humanity

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Nope. No. No. Not happing. No blue ties. Totally last season! Silver is where it's at!

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He's one of my favorite characters because although he's tied bonded with Maeve he tells Maeve he gives himself up for Aelin. Like Respect for this bro, haha. TOGS EOS spoilers

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Resultados da Pesquisa de imagens do Google para

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For some strange reason, the Grimm didn't even blink in surprise. "Have you tortured them yet?" A soft voice. Nic had been expecting her to yell, maybe scream when she saw the state of his prisoners; they were her blood. "Yes." He returned evenly. "What did you expect of the royals?" "The same stupidity you have shown."

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