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For some strange reason, the Grimm didn't even blink in surprise. "Have you tortured them yet?" A soft voice. Nic had been expecting her to yell, maybe scream when she saw the state of his prisoners; they were her blood. "Yes." He returned evenly. "What did you expect of the royals?" "The same stupidity you have shown."

He's one of my favorite characters because although he's tied bonded with Maeve he tells Maeve he gives himself up for Aelin. Like Respect for this bro, haha. TOGS EOS spoilers

The first thing I thought when I saw this was, "Why is Taylor Swift tied up in the middle of train tracks with some weird guy with a beard?" :D

A random guy came up to me in the supermarket and gave me his sweater to tie around my waist because I started my period without knowing. So embarrassed but restored a lot of faith in humanity

Anime ??? Clothes guys can accessories like an anime character too! Many male anime characters follow similar rules as the females, just with less frills. One thing guys like to wear is scarves and ties. They can be worn with regular t-shirts in RL to spice up an outfit. Go for ones that are modern with bright colors, or the classic black or white. Don't get the "office ties" your dad wore, they probably won't work.