15 Hilariously Fun Baby Shower Games

15 Hilariously Fun Baby Shower Games

baby shower game - guess the flavor of the baby food. Of all the baby shower games, this is the only one I can really see doing. Maybe because I actually kinda like baby food :)

Something to do with all my Christmas mugs?!?

did this with left over plain wax, crayons for wax dye and apple blossom scent. Pretty easy and smells great!

Free printable baby shower games!

I know you guys HATE baby games but these are cute bc you can put them in BABY year album and she can read about you guys from friends when she grows up.

Baby shower game - Melt a different candy bar into each diaper then have guests look and smell to guess what type of mess was in the diaper.

Do's And Don'ts of Baby Shower Etiquette

Baby Shower game - Crap Happens Game, melt a candy bar in each diaper and see who can guess the most correctly by just sight and smell!

Guy Shower Curtains

Guy Shower Curtains

Beau-coup Wedding Blog » Blog Archive » Guy-Friendly Baby Showers – Beer and Diapers Theme

Another invitation idea. Guy Friendly Baby Shower Ideas - Beer, BBQ, and Babies Invitation

Dudes & Diapers Baby Shower Birthday/Party by InvitingHue on Etsy, $15.00

Dudes & Diapers Baby Shower, Birthday/Party Invitation-Printable-Personalized-Cookout-Barbeque-Picnic Cloth,Chalkboard,Grill Out,Wood Frame