Mikey) hello..*waves cutely and covers my mouth and face*

*waves cutely and covers my mouth and face*

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Kj) *i was laying in bed holding my puppy when you take a picture of me and say

That jawline is worth dying for❤

i loveeee to party and get high and drunk. i work at the animal shelter." i chuckle a bit. anywho, my social medias are so yeah hmu sometime." i wink

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{open rp} Zander) I laugh softly as Alex hands me her two cats. I smile as I hold them close to me.

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Shawn Mendes Gets SEXUAL in Leaked Fault Magazine Photos

New adult Shawn Mendes is forging ahead with his new "sex symbol" status with yet another shirtless magazine photoshoot. Shawn was snapped for an upcoming