Because I'm teachin' myself the guitar... good to know. xD  Fretboard Note Chart
Flute Sheet Music: Let Her Go
LOVE THIS! !!!! I'm definitely going to print this out and use when I practice! !! shares some great guitar chords for beginners!
Guitar chord charts poster, has the seven basic guitar chords with their fingerings. Has the major, minor and seventh chords. Includes fret board with individual notes marked, available at $12.75
Guitar note chart I put together after not finding one online. Not very printer friendly, wasn't thinking ahead...
Fret board
guitar chords chart for beginners | Beginner Guitar Chord Chart - Open String Chords
Music Notes: Easy Beginner Songs to Play on Acoustic Guitar
The Classical Guitar Fingerboard or Fretboard - How to learn all the Notes
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Sheet Music for Kids :  perfect for beginners - includes printable music as well as a step by step lesson plan o...
Know Every Note on the Guitar in 9 Days
Whether you want to learn to improvise jaw-dropping solos, play brilliant classical etudes, or anything in between, learning where to find notes on a guitar is an important step in your musical journey. How Guitar Strings Work Understanding the basic mechanics and parts of a... #beginnerguitar
This photo from is a chart of a bunch of useful scales. It demonstrates my need for mastery. I've been playing guitar for almost 8 years now, but it's a hobby that requires constant practice and dedication. The photo reminds me to practice and also provides some useful information.
image of a guitar note finder chart showing the relation of notes on a music staff and notes on a guitar fretboard using a don't fret note m...
Where do you start when you want to learn to play guitar? The 8 chords every beginner guitar player should learn first are: C – A – G – E – D – Am – Em – Dm. With these chords alone you can play an endless amount of songs....