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Guided Relaxation

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Guided Relaxation: Cozy Castle

Imagine now floating comfortably on a soft white cloud. It feels so good just to rest and relax here. When you’re ready, imagine that the cloud brings you to the entrance of a beautiful castle. This is the Castle in the Clouds. Step inside. The only sound is the soothing crackling sound of fire in the fire places. It warms the castle and you feel so comfortable and good here. There is a feeling of happiness and goodness in this place.

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Guided Relaxation

Peaceful, guided relaxation scrips help children and teens relieve stress, improve self-esteem, and more. (Free downloads!)

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The Snowman guided relaxation story from the 12-12-12 freebies on Relax Kids (thanks to Jenny Amor Williams at Happy Planet Yoga for sharing it!)

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Guided Relaxation: Bucket of Kindness

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Guided Relaxation: You Are Loved

This nighttime meditation takes children on a journey to feel all the love inside of them and to recognize how very much they are loved.

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Guided Imagery Forest Path Script

Coping skills, calming skills & distraction techniques - Developing a soothing story for times of high anxiety & stress. - Guided Imagery Forest Path Script mindfulness meditation

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Guided Relaxation

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Guided Relaxation: Lakeside Meditation

In this meditation, we will help your child release worry, sadness and stress. Create a peaceful atmosphere with dim lights, soothing music and a blanket.

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