The easiest way to grow mushrooms at home is with a five gallon bucket full of coffee grounds, and some Oyster Mushroom spawn. Spent coffee grounds can almost always be obtained free from a nearby coffee shop. Oyster mushroom spawn can be purchased online from Amazon or from a mushroom lab near you. Detailed instructions for putting together a five gallon mushroom farm can be found

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I created a 3 part video series that will show you how to grow oyster mushrooms from mushrooms that you purchase at the store. Here's a quick run t...

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Portabella Mushroom Info: Can I Grow Portabella Mushrooms - Portabella mushrooms are delicious large mushrooms especially succulent when grilled. This romance with mushrooms led me to thinking “can I grow portabella mushrooms?” Read on to learn how to grow portabella mushrooms and other portabella mushroom info.

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