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learn how to grow and use horseradish ~ a healthy and powerful perennial food.
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How to grow horseradish. It doesn't get much easier than this.
When you taste fresh horseradish sauce on your prime rib, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t planted this fiery root long ago. Learn how to plant, care for, harvest, and store spicy horseradish now at Gardener’s Path.
thinking of growing horseradish...why?  because someone gave me a start and I'm just curious to see if I can!!
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How to Prepare Horseradish ~ How to make homemade horseradish by grating horseradish root and adding vinegar. ~
Harvesting and using horseradish for both culinary and medicinal purposes is a quick and easy process that also keeps the plant from taking over the garden.:
How to Grow Horseradish We have a patch of horse radish that has to go. Maybe we can relocate some elsewhere.