Concept thinking:This idea represents decision making for kids. It is an easy way to manage small groups with clear expectations. Students will be able to make their own decisions when in a group and ask questions to recieve positive feedback.

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Develop Guidelines for Success- I am a big fan of acronyms. It sets clear guidelines about what you should be doing during that activity to be successful as well as the behavior expectations.

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Group Expectations. I really liked this poster because it's fun and pleasant to look at. I think it's important to have classroom rules and expectations up around the classroom so the students have reminders about acceptable behavior. I would probably hang this by a group work area in a classroom for a younger grade.

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What are your expectations for students when working in pairs or groups? good management needs to be in place FIRST -You can make up your own -- teach this before working in groups! Post in the room and refer to it often!

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