Group of friends having fun

Lydia would lie to her parents about having friends. Her mom thought she needed friends in order to fit in, but Lydia would never fit in. She would fake phone calls and hanging out with them.

Is she social, or does she enjoy being alone?She is very social, and has a lot of friends. She loves going out and having fun.

I would like to meet a lot of new people and make life long friends in college.

Fun family or friend group photo idea. @Ashley Zavala we need to get this shot of the group when we go to costa

Friendship is god gifted. According to many people, relation of friendship is better than the relation of blood. So today we are sharing with you Friendship Status for Whatsapp for Missing Friends Forever.

Umm... squad goals met! Nothing like a group of good girlfriends. #RealistFashion

Amazing like minded upwardly mobile worldly entrepreneurial REAL friends who CARE!

"Why The World Needs Each Meyers-Briggs Personality Type" by Heidi Priebe. I don't typically share these kinds of lists here (although they're fun to read), but this one is too nice not to share.

Why The World Needs Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type

We all have a Thomas, Newt, or Minho in our group of friends

We all have a Thomas, Newt, or Minho in our group of friends<<<I'm the clueless, clumsy, and awkward one :)<< same! I'm Thomas!