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Corsican Mint ~ Wonderful, mat forming groundcover that features tight green, aromatic foliage. Tiny lavender flowers in summer. Plant as a lawn substitution or between stones so that the gentle scent of mint is released when walked on. Excellent for front entryways and back patios. Will take moist areas as well as normal landscape scenarios and will reseed easily in the garden.

from Better Homes and Gardens

Perennials Designed to Withstand the Harshest of Winters

Lily of the Valley: These fragrant beauties have a tough-as-nails constitution that shrugs off bone-chilling temperatures. Plus, lily-of-the-valley is shade tolerant, making it a great groundcover for wooded backyards. Most commonly seen with white flowers, there are also varieties with pretty pink blooms. There’s also a variegated form with dark green leaves with white stripes. This plant is hardy to Zone 3. And they are deer resistant.

from Ilona's Garden

Lamium Maculatum

Lamium Maculatum : Elegant Groundcover for shady dry areas, especially under trees. Shade side of pond.


Irish Moss--2-4" tall, that spread quickly, take foot traffic and seldom need clipping. Best of all, it stays green all year long, accented with delicate white flowers blooming from mid spring to early summer. Space 10-12" apart. Zones 3-9. Ships in 2" pots. Sagina subulata. Partial to Full Shade - See more at:

from American Meadows

Lamium Orchid Frost

Lamium Orchid Frost makes a great groundcover for shade with variegated leaves and orchid-pink bloom. Only 8 inches tall.


Weed-smothering groundcovers are ideal for troublesome spots in your yard where grass won't grow (or you don't want to mow). See some of the Costa Farms' gardening experts' top picks for easy-care, colorful groundcovers.


Golden creeping Jenny - 'Aurea' is a fast-growing groundcover for shade or partial shade. It bears round chartreuse foliage and grows 2 inches tall. It can spread indefinitely. Zones 4-8 view >