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Now THIS is the kind of tub I want! ;-D -- The master bathroom. A blue-green mosaic-inspired bath, reminiscent of a rock pool, sits under the natural illumination of a skylight. A large wooden stool provides a seat for grooming.

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Palm Beach meets California Wedding Inspiration

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Here we have a 'close stool' at Hampton Court Palace. Groom of the Stool was a high Court position Henry VIII bestowed upon a favored and close friend. The duties of a Groom of the Stool were to empty and clean the close stool, as well as cleaning and drying the Royal derrière. The best known of Henry's Grooms of the Stool was Sir Henry Norris, who was convicted of adultery with Queen Anne Boleyn.

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LOL love this - tiny bride, tall groom, best man brings in the reinforcements to get the job done - LOVE IT!!!!

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Here's a creative idea. Make an outdoor or basement bar out of old/re-purposed or vintage doors. door decor. interior design. vintage doors. repurposed doors. man cave. outdoor bar.

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51 Must-Have Wedding Photos You Don't Want to Miss

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Natural Wood Cupcake Stand tiered - would love the natural stand contrasted with fancy looking cupcakes

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