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Foil Pack Grilled Red Potatoes

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BEST BACKYARD GRILLED RED POTATOES. The only thing better than how these potatoes taste is how easy they are to make. Mix potatoes with sea salt, pepper, olive oil and garlic powder, then grill in foil. An 80s gem that is still just as popular today!

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Rosemary and Garlic Grilled Red Potatoes

Perfectly golden and lightly crispy on the outside. Fully cooked on the inside. These Rosemary and Garlic Grilled Red Potatoes are a year-round favorite side dish!

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Grilled Red Potato Salad with Bacon Basil Dressing

Smoky grilled red potatoes, crisp bacon bits, and a flavorful basil vinaigrette make the ultimate summertime potato salad that's a perfect lighter alternative to mayonnaise-dressed salads!:

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Grilled Red Potato Packets with Pesto Ranch Sauce

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Roasted Herbed Red Potatoes

Roasted Herbed Red Potatoes: A quick and easy recipe for crisp and flavorful potatoes that go well with with any meal of the day.

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This quick, easy and delicious way to prepare red potatoes on the grill will leave you feeling spoiled! Side dishes, especially potatoes, can take a while to cook or bake… but not these spuds. Keep this recipe in your back pocket! It’s a keeper. Quarter red potatoes and lay a handful on a square of …

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Grilled Red Potatoes and Green Beans

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Foil Pack Grilled Red Potatoes

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Grilled Red Potatoes with Lemon, Dill, & Feta

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