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Grey's Anatomy characters and the seasons they appear in. Seasons 1 - 11

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Okay this meme has a picture of Grey's anatomy characters and a quite from Parks and Rec's Leslie Knope. I'll take it.

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19 Jokes Only "Grey's Anatomy" Fans Will Get

The not so formidable Bailey. | 19 Things Only "Grey's Anatomy" Fans Will Find Funny

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Grey's Anatomy Characters : This is not real life, work isn't this dramatic, and your whole staff will likely not all die.

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27 Moments All "Grey's Anatomy" Fans Will Never Forgive Shonda Rhimes For

When a plane crash came out of nowhere, killing Lexie… Grey's Anatomy unforgivable moments

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Grey's Anatomy

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Grey's anatomy, Lexie about Mark (8x21)

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Meme about Grey's Anatomy - S12E01

I watched 11 freaking seasons of this show over 6 months...loved and hated every minute.

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'Grey's Anatomy' Season 13 Confirmed; Major Character Leaves? -

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Chasing cars-the song greys plays when a character dies):

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