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Grey Wolves

The Black Wolf is a melanistic colour variant of the grey wolf (Canis lupus). Genetic research has shown that wolves with black pelts owe their distinctive coloration to a mutation which occurred in domestic dogs, and was carried to wolves through wolf-dog hybridisation.

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Captive Gray Wolf Howling Winter

Here is a picture of a gray wolf. A lot of people think gray wolf's fur is always gray, but no, a gray wolf can Brown, black, and white also.#wolves #need #help.

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Reminds me of my sisters <3 @Sally McWilliam McWilliam Noack and @Betsy Buttram Buttram Noack Wisely - guess who's making the weird face?

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sleeping wolf pups #nature #wolf #pup

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The Grey Wolf. A species of canid native to the wilderness & remote areas of North America, Eurasia, & North Africa, it is a social animal, travelling in nuclear families consisting of a mated pair, accompanied by the pair's adult offspring. It is the sole ancestor of the dog, which was first domesticated in the Middle East. Dogs are the wolf's closest relative (the genetic divergence between gray wolves & dogs is only 1.8%, as opposed to over 4% between gray wolves, Ethiopian wolves…

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Gray Wolves, Show of Dominance Among Pack, Montana

The wolf on the bottom must be the big bro, he wants his little bro OFF AND AWAY FROM HIM!!! Lol!!!

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Prince of wolves, just one drop, and umm beyond the veil. Grey wolves series

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wolverxne: Grey Wolf | by: { John Violette }

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source: WOLVES tumblr... Wolves eyes can have colors ranging from grey, green, yellow, amber, orange and brown. This is the chart

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Cancer Screening & Ex Situ Conservation Implications for the Mexican Grey Wolf Recovery Program Más

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