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-Single sheet mini-poster-Adapted from actual Zones of Regulation program-Purchase other zones and use together anywhere in classroom-Thank you for considering my product!-Please leave feedback to receive TPT credits you may use to apply to future purchases :)


Here you can download a few really useful worksheets to help kids with Asperger's and other autism spectrum disorders to learn "common ground" with a conversation partner. The sheet shown is filled out by two children simultaneously as they sit facing each other across a table. This was pinned by .  Follow all our boards.


Several pages from the intro section of The Green Zone Conversation Book. Hundreds of simple photos are used to help children with autism figure out "common ground" with other people.


This simple cut-out download creates a card activity that is fun and extremely useful to help children with autism find "common ground" in conversation. Tags: child autism, social skills, conversation, free download.


Finding Nemo clips :27 Blue Zone/yellow zone: worried/sad 1:03 yellow > red zone; very worried 1:26 yellow zone: excited/worried 1:52 yellow zone 2:50 green zone (slightly yellow) focused/listening STOP HERE


Acknowledging the interests of others can be really hard for kids with ASD without a visual strategy to learn it. Here are the Green Zone Board and picture cards, used to help kids with ASD find common ground in conversation practice. Part of a kit that includes two workbooks and a CD. In the Green Zone Board activity, two people find picture cards showing their interests, and place them in the yellow or blue zones. When they find a match, they are in the "green zone" and they talk about…


Infuse the theme of Inside Out with Zones of Regulation. Green Zone. Suggestion: Glue onto a green piece of circular paper to make it look like a green traffic light!