Ain’t No Tragedy Like An Ancient Greek Tragedy

Structure of Greek Tragedyand the Role of the Chorus What you need to know when reading Oedipus Rex

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BKThigpen ancestor: The Pleiade Star or Mountain Nymph of Saon on Isle of Samothrake in the Greek Aegaen; bright or brilliant one; supplicant to the Palladium & brought it to Ilium; gave to Dardanus//Zerah, son of Judah and Tamar, was born in 1751 B.C. to Atlas Epher Kittim & Pleione. Ben Juda King, (Troy line), b. 1700 BC to 1638 BC, Hebron, Canaan, Palestine to Rameses, Goshen, Egypt Married 1715 BC/children: Zimri, Etahn, Heman, Calcol & Darda/Electra, of Pleiades/d 1690 BC Goshen, Egypt

Greek Muses In ancient Greece. The 9 Muses were considered sources of knowledge and providers of inspiration to creators of literature and art. Almost everyone should still have a shrine to honor them. Calliope (Epic Poetry) Clio (History) Erato (Love Poetry) Euterpe (Music) Melpomene (Tragedy) Polyhymnia (Hymns and sacred poetry) Terpsichore (Dance) Thalia (Comedy) Urania (Astronomy)

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