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Printable World Flags - Greece

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The Greek flag, connecting nature and land, language and people, ethos and ethnos , the world of Hellenic origin.

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Greek flag nine stripes represent the syllables in "Eleutheria H Thanatos" which means "Freedom or Death" and the cross stands for the Greek Orthodox church

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In preparation for Greek Independence Day...a Greek flag cake!! Made by The Sweet Spot, Athens

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Greece #travel Ξεκινήστε το #ταξίδι σας εδώ: ☛

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If a separate personal Paradise exists for each one of us , mine must irreparably be planted with TREES OF WORDS which the wind silvers like poplars , by PEOPLE who see their confiscated JUSTICE given back , and by BIRDS that even in the midst of the truth of death INSIST on singing in GREEK and saying EROS, EROS, EROS ---- ODYSSEUS ELYTIS ----

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