How to Make the World's Best Tzatziki Sauce (Greek Yogurt and Cucumber Sauce) []

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Tzatziki sauce works great as a dip with pita bread and is also awesome used in sandwiches or wraps!

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Tzatziki is a deliciously fresh and easy dip with yogurt, cucumber, lemon and dill. Totally irresistible on pita, chicken and cooked or raw veggies (and it's good for you too)!

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I love Tzatziki sauce, that white cucumber and yogurt sauce that's served on Greek Gyros, and this recipe has been hugely popular on my blog. [from]

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She learned how to make it while visiting Athens - this is the best way to make REAL authentic Greek tzatziki! I love that you can make it ahead of time and it just keeps getting tastier. Saving this one!

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Vegan Tzatziki - This Greek sauce can be used as a dip or condiment. It pairs nicely with falafel or vegan gyros.

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Cucumber Sauce (YUMMMY) My ex is Lebanese and his mom makes this and I made it with just the yogurt, cucumber and garlic and it was soooo good! This is the closest recipe to being great! The one with mayo and all that other crap is for the birds!

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