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Easter Birthday Party Ideas That Are Egg-Mazing! #easter_birthday_party_ideas #easter_theme_birthday_party #easter_theme_party


Open Sundays 1pm-4pm June 5-August 28 Oregon's oldest family-owned dairy, will welcome families to Dairyville, a Western-themed “town” on the dairy farm. Visitors can peak into the Confectionery, Great Western Bank, Dairyville School, and post office. Kids can watch model trains chug through tiny Oregon landscapes. Also visit the Ice Cream Parlor for a scoop of delicious Alpenrose ice cream. Admission is free.

Alpenrose Dairy’s Dairyville

A Portland tradition for over 50 years, kids and adults flock to the streets of Dairyville during the summer months to explore this fun pioneer exhibit. Visitors can peak into Grandma’s Bakery, the Great Western Bank, the Dairyville School, and…


Happy Holidays from the crew at Great Western Bank!

The Great Sphinx ﴾Giza, Egypt﴿ The Great Sphinx of Giza, standing on the Giza Plateau on the western bank of Nile River, is a limestone statue of a mythical creature— body of a lion and head of a human. The face is believed to be that of the Pharaoh Khafre, during whose reign ﴾2575–2465 BC﴿ it was built; there is no substantial proof thoug