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Axial section of the lower leg. Abbreviations: AIS, anterior intermuscular septum; ATA, anterior tibial artery; ATV, anterior tibial vein; DPN, deep peroneal nerve; F, fibula; GSaV, great saphenous vein; IM, interosseous membrane; LSuCN, lateral sural cutaneous nerve; MSuCN, medial sural cutaneous nerve; PA, peroneal artery; PIS, posterior intermuscular septum; PTA, posterior tibial artery; PTV, posterior tibial vein; PV, peroneal vein; SaN, saphenous nerve; SPN, superficial peroneal nerve…


Recto: The vessels of the upper leg. Verso: The nerves and arteries of the hand, and the pelvic vessels

Shilajit, An Ayurveda Remedy

Venorex varicose Vein Cream natural and non evasive way of treating varicose and spider vein.


Newberry Castrating Knife Castrate Cattle Bulls. The testicles are removed from the bull by making an opening in the scrotum. The best method is to use the Newberry knife, since it gives excellent drainage and is much safer to the bull and to the handler as well. The danger of severing the large saphenous vein, which is found near the surface of the inside of the leg, is completely eliminated. Testicles may then be removed using emasculator or Henderson Castrating Tool. Overall length...