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Some great open free process art ideas for children

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Here are some fun, interactive, and creative poetry activities by Bespoke ELA to get your students hooked on poetry. This list includes 5 creative writing poetry activities as well as 5 unique poetry analysis strategies. These are great activities for introducing a poetry unit and are great ideas to integrate into poetry anthologies!

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

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Math Word Problem Operation Sort

Math Word Problem Operation Sort - Great for Math Stations!

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The Keys to a Great Opening Scene

The Keys to a Great Opening Scene: 1) Immediate Action, 2) Meeting the Protagonist, 3) Seeing the Protagonist in a Pinch, 4) Being Introduced to a Mystery

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Great idea: use a recipe book holder for holding textbooks open when you need to use one. Isn't useful for my course (photography) because it's all practical, but it's still a great idea!

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Communication Book for Autism/Special needs

6 Communication Boards with detachable visuals great, for students with limited verbal skills!

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Create your own beach and enjoy how great this dough feels squished between your fingers.

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Holy shit can he be any cuter? @anniversen

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