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Books Like Divergent: 30 Addicting Young Adult Novels to Read Next

30 great young adult books to read if you liked Divergent or Hunger Games! Some of the best books to read this year. Tons of great books like Divergent!

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Introducing the Great Divergence

Slide Show: The Great Divergence In Pictures. Click image to launch.

Lectures for a New Year: Our Broken Educational System

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Why Unions Work in Europe but Not Here

Timothy Noah, author of "The Great Divergence," gives a response to one of Matthew Yglesias' articles about the book. He gives us some key drivers that have been causing the decline of labor unions. European countries have been increasing unionization while the US is at an all time low. He thinks most of this is attributed to the Taft-Hartley Act of 1947, and if we extended the Civil Rights Act to union members it could start to resolve some of the major problems concerning unions.

Introducing the Great Divergence

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Divergent Travelers Travel Guide, With Tips And Hints To The Philippines . This is your ultimate travel cheat sheet to the Philippines. Click to see our full Philippines Travel Guide from the Divergent Travelers Adventure Travel Blog and also read about all of the different adventures you can have in the Philippines at

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