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5 Under-the-Radar National Parks

Stargazers will delight in the view from Great Basin, one of the darkest spots in the country after the sun goes down. You'll want to spend the night so you can marvel at the Milky Way and constellations in the deep night sky, a rare treat as light pollution blocks the view from many cities around the country.

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Best national parks: Avoid the crowds

Great Basin National Park. Based around Wheeler Peak, the Great Basin has 5,000-year-old bristlecone pines, glacial moraines, and the limestone Lehman Caves. It has some of the country's darkest night skies, and there are animal species including Townsend's big-eared bat, Pronghorn, and Bonneville cutthroat trout.

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The world's 10 oldest living trees

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Lehman Caves Delicate rare limestone formations make the Lehman Caves one of the most wonderful underground chambers on the globe. Located in the Great Basin National Park, Nevada, USA, the cave was discovered in 1885 by Absalom Lehman.

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Hikes, caves, stars and more at Great Basin Nation Park!

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Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, Bishop, California. "Great Basin Bristlecone Pine are believed to be around 1,000-4,800 years old. Due to cold temperatures, dry soils, high winds, & short growing seasons, the trees grow very slowly. One of the oldest living trees on earth, just shy of 5,000 years old, is nicknamed “Methuselah” (after the longest-lived person in the Bible)." (USDA Forest Service visitor info: .)

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Photos of Great Basin Buckaroos in eastern Oregon, northern Nevada and northern California by Mary Williams Hyde

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13 Best Places In The U.S. To Star Gaze

Great Basin National Park, NV According to the National Park Service, on a clear night you can see thousands of stars, multiple galaxies, five different planets and man-made satellites with the naked eye in this Nevada park.

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