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Christian Existentialism-- is a theo-philosophical movement which takes an existentialist approach to Christian theology. The school of thought is often traced back to the work of the Danish philosopher and theologian Søren Kierkegaard (1813–1855), who is considered the father of existentialism.
OCT. 7 - Count Zinzendorf and Moravian missionaries...and America's Bill of Rights
Second Great Awakening - growth of local churches.
The First Great Awakening
Jonathan Edwards  The Great Awakening in America. Jonathan Edwards was a key American revivalist during the Great Awakening who preached for close to ten years in New England. He emphasized a personal approach to religion. He also bucked the puritan tradition and called for unity amongst all Christians as opposed to intolerance. "The Great Awakening"
GuruJah tells the story of the miracle of how Sally's Great Awakening was written:
Pre-Raphaelite Gallery | ... The Great Awakening 1897, Pre - Raphaelite - Free Pictures and Photos***CHRISTIAN-- Second Great Awakening  US REVIVAL MOVEMENT-- EARLY 19TH CENTURY
Gilbert Tennant  Great Awakening
What Happened During the Great Awakening in America?: Jonathan Edwards - Colonial Preacher of the Great Awakening
The Great Awakening:  Use this site to answer questions such as:  What caused the Great Awakening? Who was involved in the Great Awakening? What were the effects of the Great Awakening?  The First Great Awakening, occurring around 1730 to 1760, had a profound impact on the course of the United States, especially during the latter half of the Eighteenth Century. Although not widely spoken of in modern times, the Great Awakening was a movement rooted in spiritual growth which brought a…
The Great Awakening (U.S. Religious Revival) - Overview