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Grunkle Stan: KIDS!!! KIDS HE'S BACK!!! Dipper: W-wa. Grunkle Ford: THE DEMON WITH 1 EYE!!!!DON'T COME TO THE TOWN!!!!! Grunkle Stan: WE DON'T WANNA LOSE YOU 2!!!!! Mabel: We are on oure way. Grunkle Stan: NO MABEL!!!! *Silence* Dipper: Lets go.


Zero Gravity AU- a very unique spin on GF in which Bill and Will leave an abusive and dysfunctional home on a night bus and end up in the bizarre "Zero Gravity Town." With all of our favorite human characters as "guardians," who I'm still not sure what they do because this AU seemed to just randomly surface out of nowhere from tumblr but I'm lovin' it regardless.