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Grants Pass Clinic

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Man stabbed in fight with protester outside Planned Parenthood clinic

SEATTLE -- A man was stabbed seven times outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Grants Pass, Ore., after an altercation with an antiabortion protester. Police said Wednesday they have not yet made any arrests in connection with the case.

A strychnine based gopher killer after it was pulled out of a dog's stomach. Use rodenticides cautiously! More info. on safe usage of pesticides, herbicides, rodenticides at: (Photo by Pacific Veterinary Clinic, Grants Pass)

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Free Basketball Coach School Service Offered for 2016-17 School Year Basketball Manitoba is pleased to offer to Manitoba School Divisions the opportunity to host one of the 'Basketball Coach School' Clinics this November or December. The clinics will be offered at NO COST to the host School Division and are targeted to in-school middle / junior high and high school coaches and can be set up in conjunction with an existing coordinated or in-service day. The clinics can range in length…

The House of Representatives recently passed The Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2016 which aims to bolster the battle against opioid addiction in the U.S. The Act will provide more than $180 million in funding for the fight against opioid addiction. As part of the Comprehensive Opioid Abuse Grant Program, a drug take-back program [ ]

BREAKING NEWS: Ex-Planned Parenthood Director: They Told Me Every Baby Killed in Abortion Made Them $313.29


Pennsylvania Doctors Worry Over Fracking 'Gag Rule'

Science And The Fracking Boom: PA doctors cannot -by law- speak to other doctors, their patients.. anyone about what they find out from companies who use hydraulic fracturing ('fracking') about the chemicals they use. Once again corporate interests - this time in the form of: trade secrets - trump the safety of YOU, ME and EVERYONE else. Oh, BTW - the same folks tell us, 'there is no definitive proof of any danger'. OK. I feel all better now.