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Gransfors Bruks

Gränsfors Bruks. All of them if I could! I've limited myself to the SFA and the Wildlife Hatchet. The kids can handle the latter.

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Gränsfors Bruks (Sweden) Gutter Adze. Planning to do any log grooving or boat building, this is the tool.

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A smith at Gränsfors Bruks has nothing to hide and proudly marks the head with his initials beside the company’s crown label.

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Wildlife Hatchet

The Wildlife Hatchet is a small, light axe which can easily be carried, masked with its leather sheath, inside a pack or on a belt.

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Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe & Scandinavian Forest Axe Custom Leather Work by John Black

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Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe # 420 with Custom Leather by John Black

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