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From the faraway days of Britain come the stories rooted in ancient Celtic and Germanic imagination, stories of the strongest, the bravest and...


G4FF 5 Star Opa Grandpa in German Baseball Hat,

G4FF - 5 Star OPA - Grandpa in German Baseball Hat One Si...


My grandpa shortly after WW2 in the Caspian Sea. (far right). He was on the front lines when the Germans attacked and was there when Russians entered Berlin. Could do front flips off flat ground and supposedly could shoot a coin from a hundred feet away. Also had rock hard abs.

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Grandpa in Snowshoes- German Shepherd- 1920s Vintage Photograph

Grandpa in Snowshoes German Shepherd 1920s by EphemeraObscura


(H-OPA) "5-Star OPA" (German for Grandpa) Hat - 100% Cotton, Navy Blue Adjustable Embroidered in the USA, By G4FF - Hats for Men and Women, the Perfect Gift for the Greatest Grandpa in Your Life G4FF

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Thyme For Spaetzle

When I think of German food, I’m always reminded of my grandpa Hugo. To my remembrance, my grandpa was someone who experimented in the kitchen and never followed an exact recipe. An old world cook who did things mostly by taste and feel, much like me. My recipe “Thyme For …

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Vintage Germany clasp bracelet

Vintage Germany clasp bracelet My grandpa brought this back from Germany while he was in the army! Pretty cool little relic. Has little German crests on each link. A bit tarnished, though I'm sure that could be clean. Vintage Jewelry Bracelets

There seems to be a fair amount of new faces around here... Let's get to know each other? I live in San Francisco but consider Seattle & Oahu home also I travel year round but my favorite trip is my month-long trip to Europe every summer (my team at work jokes that Im on an academic schedule since I take every summer off) When Im not traveling I boss around a bunch of men for a living. Ive been practicing my whole life My middle name Kanani is Hawaiian. Thats where @ckanani comes from…