Yaroslav I, Grand Prince of Russia, known as Yaroslav the Wise, was the son of Grand Prince Vladimir the Great.His eldest surviving brother, Svyatopolk,killed his other brothers and seized power in Kiev.Yaroslav defeated him and became the Grand Prince of Kiev in 1019. Under Yaroslav the codification of legal customs and princely enactments was begun, and this work served as the basis for a law code called the Russian Truth.During his lengthy reign, Russia reached the zenith of its power.

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The inscription is: "Grand Prince Yaroslav the Wise". Illustration by Ivan Bilibin. 1926. The inscription on the book is: "Russian Justice" ("Russkaya Pravda"). This collection of legal norms appeared in the times of Yaroslav the Wise (circa 978 – 1054) and he was the first who began to put the laws into life. #medieval #Russian #history

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Tzar Boris I Godunov (1551-1695) was a descendant of a cadet branch of Chet and actually had no rights to the throne of Russia. His ancestor Chet was the Tatar nobleman who entered the service of Ivan I Kalita, the Grand Prince of Moscow ca the 13th century, and is considered as one of founders of the Ipatiev Convent, where the history of the Romanovs dynasty started.

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St Margaret of Scotland(c1045-1093),known as Margaret of Wessex and Queen Margaret of Scotland, was an English princess of the House of Wessex and a granddaughter of Yaroslav The Wise, Grand Prince of Russia. Around 1070 Margaret married Malcolm III of Scotland, becoming his queen consort. She was a pious woman, and among many charitable works she established a ferry for pilgrims and was the mother of three kings of Scotland and a queen consort of England. Ancestor

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Best friends, cousins, and sisters-in-law: Grand...

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Anastasia and Maria Romanov

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Anne of Rusʹ on the Throne. A miniature from the old French manuscript. XI century. Anna Yaroslavna (circa 1024 - 1089) was a daughter of the Russian Grand Prince Yaroslav the Wise ( circa 978 - 1054) and a spouse of the French King Henry I. #medieval #Russian #history

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The Crown of the King of Finland and Karelia, Duke of Åland, Grand Prince of Lapland, Lord of Kaleva and the North. Nice title.

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I always found it odd when people said that Prince Harry might have been James Hewitt son. LOOK at the family resemblance to his grandfather Prince Philip. There is no doubt to me that Prince Harry is a Windsor.

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Anna Yaroslavna (c.1024-1089) - daughter of the ancient Russian Grand Prince Yaroslav the Wise (c. 978-1054) and a spouse of the French King Henry I. An old illustration.

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