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Yaroslav I, Grand Prince of Russia, known as Yaroslav the Wise, was the son of Grand Prince Vladimir the Great.His eldest surviving brother, Svyatopolk,killed his other brothers and seized power in Kiev.Yaroslav defeated him and became the Grand Prince of Kiev in 1019. Under Yaroslav the codification of legal customs and princely enactments was begun, and this work served as the basis for a law code called the Russian Truth.During his lengthy reign, Russia reached the zenith of its power.


(Rp for the girl?) I laugh and shoot down the last wild dog that was bothering the peasant girl. "Easy runt, I won't hurt you." I say as I swoop down from my perch. "And who are you!?" She shouts and backs up. "I'm Demetrio, Grand Prince of Bevonia. " I say curtly as I bow obnoxiously. She scoffs and picks up her basket. "Well thank you, for saving me." She steps into a beam of light that reveals her further. I blush softly and find myself stuttering at her beauty. "It was my pleasure…


"The Wheel of Eternity, an Indo-Aryan symbol, curiously placed inside the Star of David: a carving on the marble tombstone of Grand Prince Hasan Jalal Vahtangian, Lord of Khachen (1431)." via the Armenian Apostolic Church


Dmitry Donskoy October 12, 1350 – May 18-19, 1389 Dmitry Ivanovich was the Grand Prince of the Moscow Principality (1359 – 1389) and the Grand Prince of Vladimir (1362 – 1389). His father, Ivan II the Meek of Moscow (1326 – 1359), reigned from 1353 – 1359. Ivan II was an easy-going, good-natured man whose six-year rule did not augment the influence of Moscow.


St Margaret of Scotland(c1045-1093),known as Margaret of Wessex and Queen Margaret of Scotland, was an English princess of the House of Wessex and a granddaughter of Yaroslav The Wise, Grand Prince of Russia. Around 1070 Margaret married Malcolm III of Scotland, becoming his queen consort. She was a pious woman, and among many charitable works she established a ferry for pilgrims and was the mother of three kings of Scotland and a queen consort of England. Ancestor


The detail of the grand hall of The Terem's Palace, The Kremlin, Moscow, ca 1635. In the 17th century the Palace was a house of sisters and wives of Grand Princes of Moscow and Tsars of Russia. Today The Terem's Palace is official residence of The President of Russian Federation.


Helmet of "IVAN THE TERRIBLE" Between the two ornamental bands, arranged around the crown, a narrow inscription in the Old Russian language runs as follows: “SHELOM OF PRINCE IVAN VASILYEVICH THE SON OF GRAND PRINCE VASILY VASILYEVICH OF ALL RUSSIA”. According to it researchers can suppose that the helmet was executed before the year 1547 — the time when Grand Prince of Moscow Ivan Vasilyevich assumed the title of Tsar.


Taksony (Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈtɒkʃoɲ]; before or around 931 – early 970s) was the Grand Prince of the Hungarians after their catastrophic defeat in the 955 Battle of Lechfeld. In his youth he had participated in plundering raids in Western Europe, but during his reign the Hungarians only targeted the Byzantine Empire. The Gesta Hungarorum recounts that significant Muslim and Pecheneg groups settled in Hungary under Taksony.