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Grand Canyon National Park (South Rim)


The number one thing to bear in mind when you’re planning a trip to Arizona’s Grand Canyon is the fact that the magnificent gorge has two rims. The South Rim is more developed—more camping, more lodging, and more people. It’s also closer to good-sized towns such as Flagstaff and Williams. The North Rim is more remote, less developed, and far less crowded. But it’s also a 200-mile-plus drive from the South Rim, and it’s far from developed cities. #JustAhead


Located 4,600 feet below than the South Rim of the Grand Canyon is a community of eleven tiny houses designed by architect Mary E. J. Colter back in 1922. This is Phantom Ranch - the only lodging facility below the rim of the Grand Canyon. You can’t drive there. The only access is by mule train, foot, or rafting down the Colorado River


When it comes to lodging in Grand Canyon National Park, you have superb options. Every lodge in Grand Canyon has the rustic feel you’d expect in a place like this. Many are historic, including the imposing El Tovar Hotel, which is older than the park itself. Then there’s Bright Angel Lodge, with its stacked-stone fireplace that matches the arrangement of the rock layers in the canyon itself. Even visitors who aren’t staying in a Grand Canyon lodge make a pilgrimage to these historic inns.


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