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How can words like "Turnt", "Fleek", and "Bae" be understood but people cant use "Your", You"re" and "Their", There", and "To","Too", and "Two" correctly in a sentence?

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I love reading books, but man, if I ever had to write one, I think my editor would have a fit. I'm notoriously bad with grammar, as many ma...

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What's the difference between a cat and a comma? ~ An original 8 x 10 inch print from this Etsy Store, "Hazel Varanese Illstration".

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I need this. I CANNOT stand it when people don't use simple grammar correctly. #itsnotthathard #stupidpeoplelistenup

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You had me at the proper use of You're Mug, Funny Geek Quote Mug, Grammar Geek, Grammar Nerd, Funny English Mug, Your you're Mug Gift MSA68

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MUG ~ I am Silently Correcting YOUR Grammar Quote ~ Mug ~ Coffee Mug ~ Mugs ~ Tea Mug ~ Funny Quote Mug ~ Sarcastic ~…

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