Government maternity leave

How lucky are we in Canada? Parental leave is not a right in the U.S. #parenthood #YVRMoms

How lucky are we in Canada? Parental leave is not a right in the U.S. #parenthood #YVRMoms

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So how much time does the government guarantee new parents? And what of your company’s other benefits should you be aware of to ensure you’re getting the most out of your company’s leave policy? #maternityleave #pregnancy #workingmom #everydayhealth |

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How did the U.S. government arrive at 12 weeks for its maternity leave policy? - No Family Left Behind, America's current maternity policy has nothing to do with families and everything to do with politics. By Rebecca Ruiz

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Canada has a better than average national parental leave program. Here's a complete look and maternity leave and parental leave in Canada.

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Having a Baby - Service Canada *Very helpful info on practical things like tax benefits, maternity leave, registering with the government and getting a SIN, and baby safety, etc...

If parents who adopt a child are entitled to child care leave, why not those of kid born through surrogacy? Raising a toast to surrogate parenthood, the Madras high court on Tuesday held that government employees opting for children through surrogacy would be entitled to maternity leave in the form of child care leave.

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I thought for sure some of those countries would have little or no guaranteed paid leave. I was wrong. We are so pathetically behind on some issues it's beyond embarrassing.

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Paid Parental Leave- U.S. vs. The World; seen this atrocious info before but this is a nice graphic though it really should just be a bar graph...

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