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'Small road meandering towards the sea on Gotland, Sweden' by kbhsphoto on

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Baltic Sea / Gotland Island / City of Visby by Alejandro Muñiz Delgado, via Flickr

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Gotland sheep - robust, resilient, bright, active and friendly. They are easy to lamb, have a high lambing rate, produce abundant milk and have strong mothering instincts. Gotland sheep are very inquisitive making them an entertaining sheep breed to own. They are hardy and adaptable to a variety of management systems. Gotland sheep are a relatively small breed making them an ideal small farm livestock alternative. They are calm and non-flighty making them the perfect breed for children.

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Gotland: Bungenäs, Kalkladan och dopp i plurret (Emmas Vintage)

Gotland: Bungenäs, Kalkladan och dopp i plurret

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Slite strand – #beach #sand #ocean #holiday #gotland #sweden

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