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Donabhan "Don" Mac Niallan - Unlike his brother and fellow exile, Don moves with the times. He rides a motorcycle, works on classic cars and performs in a local Celtic rock band. Don is no less intelligent than his brother, but he is sometimes too impulsive. He has something of a hero complex, and it was his idea to begin investigating supernatural crimes to protect humans from fey. He is flirtatious, out-going and has a wry sense of humor. Don has been Chloe's lover for years.

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dark demon goth avante garde fashion mens top long sleeve turtleneck | Raddest Looks On The Internet:

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i'm not sure if this is a vampire look, or goth, or winter hippie chic - in any case i like iit

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Okay… I come across this, and think, "ERMIGERSH, CREED." but then I see the purple hair and other things… XD Y U HAVE PURPLE HAIR?

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GOTH/PUNK/EMO.He looks very peaceful,not my type in gender!But I adore this look.

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theblacklacedandy: Sir, your outfit is splendid. I must put together something similar.

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