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Gotham Academy (2014-) Vol. 3: Yearbook They faced magic, monsters and mayhem—along with quizzes, crushes and dining-hall food—but Olive, Maps and the rest of the Academy gang survived their first term at Gotham City’s most prestigious school. Now it’s time to look back by putting together their yearbook. But it wouldn’t be Gotham Academy if there weren’t an all-new, untold adventure on every page!


Gotham Academy: Second Semester (2016-) #3 Could it be? Maps Mizoguchi has abandoned Detective Club for…Witch Club?! The gang refuses to believe that their fearless cartographer would ever betray them. A mystery must be afoot! But who is behind it and what sinister plans do they have for the Academy?

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Batman Map of Gotham 3D Puzzle

The Batman Map of Gotham DC Puzzle contains the first complete map of Gotham City EVER released to the public. Also a detailed, glow-in-the-dark street layout, 160+ tiny buildings, and a working Bat Signal. We all want one.

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The Cartographer Who Created The Map Of Gotham City

How did Batman manage to fight crime for so long without getting lost? Although the Dark Knight has been the guardian of Gotham for 75 years, the city's streets weren't mapped until

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Pop Culture Maps Depicting Locations in Video Games, Comics, Films & TV Shows

Get artwork of maps from video games/movies/tv shows - Batman Map