A is Gossip Girl!! :O

34 Hilarious Jokes Only True Pretty Little Liars Fans Will Understand

It’s time to put the mysteries, puzzles and theories aside. If you feel emotionally tormented or confused AF after watching an episode of PLL, check out these Pretty Little Liars memes just for laughs…

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Gossip Girl is based off a website where all the rumors in the Upper East Side are spread through. The dagger in Macbeth would be represented by this website in Gossip Girl. The website is on everyone's devices and they always get notifications causing more drama and problems between people. This is the dagger of the Upper Eastside high school students.

Looks like even Gossip Girl can't get enough of rose hip seed oil products: "Who else would keep you looking great and chic? You know you love me… Xoxo, Gossip Girl"