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Gordon Ramsay Michelin Stars

10 BEST GORDON RAMSAY RECIPES Bring some Michelin-starred cooking into your home with our favourite recipes from the celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.


Gordon Ramsay Masterclass: teaching cooking and expertise in the kitchen.


The 13 best restaurants in London to try in 2017

3. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay (7th) — Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea is chef Gordon Ramsay's flagship restaurant, and has three Michelin stars to its name. Its desserts, like this lemonade parfait, are beautiful.

Who is Gordon James Ramsay?

Who is Gordon James Ramsay? The entertainment and cooking world know Gordon Ramsay as a Scottish chef, television personality and restaurateur.[2] He has been awarded 12 Michelin stars.[3] Ramsay i…