fairies of the autumn

Blackberry Fairy Cake Buns (Muffins)

Surprisingly, on this scale, complex carbohydrate foods such as Shredded Wheat and wholemeal bread have a high GI (approx. 70) and raise blood sugar nearly as fast or faster than a chocolate bar. By contrast most fruits and milk - which are rich in sugars - have a relatively low GI (less than 50).   Read more:

Good Foods - Low -Glycemic & Bad Foods - High -Glycemic

Glycemic Food Table: This table provides an outline of foods that are low versus high glycemic. Notice the amount of fruits and vegetables that are listed as “High Glycemic” Foods. Are these foods bad for you? No, food is your pharmacy.

Birthday Cake For Electrical Engineer With Name

Write name on Birthday Cake For Electrical Engineer. Make everyone's birthday special with name birthday cakes.

My school is taking the leap with technology and going 1:1 with Google chromebooks. This Reading Response resource for Literature or Fiction texts provides the perfect activities to use with Google Slides.

Reading Response for Literature Texts GOOGLE Edition

These worksheets allow students to express knowledge of various literary elements. They are presented in colorful ways to promote engagement.

Short Story & Novel Assignments Formatted For Google Slides & Google Drive Sharing! 45 Assignments In Total!

Digital paperless assignments for any reading - google drive or google classroom

These are great for literacy centers! Included are Language Arts centers for the entire month of November! There are 64 centers total with instructions on how

16 Reading Strategies to Teach This Year

16 Reading Strategies to Teach This Year

16 Reading Strategies to Teach This Year, a great guide to have for planning literacy instruction and during small groups

Aprendiendo a retocar retratos | Marina , GondraPhotoshop Tutorial: How to retouch a portrait!

Photoshop Tutorial: How to retouch a portrait! Tutorial de Photoshop: C?mo retocar un retrato!

How To Incorporate Google+ Into Your Marketing Strategy - #infographic #business

Incorporating GooglePlus Into Your Social Media Marketing Strategy - #infographic

♡ pinterest // sadwhore ♡

♡ pinterest // sadwhore ♡

6 Tips for Getting Started with Google Classroom [infographic} | | #googleclassroom #gafe #edtech

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