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Image credit to Laura "@alura81" on Twitter. <<< Did anyone else exclaim ANDERSON when seeing Rogue One or was that just me?

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Today Top 20 Cool images (04:46:50 PM, Wednesday 04, January 2017 PST) – 20 pics

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imgfave - amazing and inspiring images

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What you Think you become, Be very careful what you think because it runs your life , spiritual sayings, good thoughts, inspirational thoughts,Famous Bible Verses, Encouragement Bible Verses, jesus christ bible verses , daily inspirational quotes with images, bible verses for inspiration, Leadership Bible Verses,

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No matter what happened in the months and years ahead, Christ would go with me. He would take care of me. And as long as I went with Him, I didn’t need to fear the future, because Christ was already there. // Ann Swindell at

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Make good use of today!

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So inspirational....and yes I have been broken to the core

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Change your thoughts; change your life! Sticky negative thinking is like flypaper! It can be difficult to let it go. This is a good infographic on the most common negative thoughts and principles to combat them. I wish they had come up with possible replacements for each thought. For example, "I'll mess up." could be replaced with "I will do the best I can" or "I can learn from my mistakes"....

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Daily motivation (25 photos)

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Officially released images from Sherlock S4E1 The Six Thatchers

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