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24 Unusual Travel Words You Should Know

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10 Ways to Practice Gratitude Today. Focus on the positive things in your life and remind yourself that even when life is challenging, good things are still around you. With a regular gratitude practice you may begin to notice how the challenges have helped you gain insight or grow as a person. Click through to read the full article and download the free gratitude printable at or pin it now and read it later.

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“I want all the good things in life. And I want it all with you by my side.”…

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I myself always want the big things in life. I eliminate the happiness in the little things, that can feel so good.

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I’m so happy and grateful now that … my thoughts are creating my life and I am RICH in all the good things in life. | October 2014 Affirmation of the Month | Proctor Gallagher Institute #bobproctor #thegoodlife

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Procrastination: The Rise and Fall of Productivity

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Whether it be your creativity your business/career your relationships your chapter in life comparison to others will only discourage you and fill you with self-doubt. It doesn't matter what anyone else is doing focus on your own shit give it and allllll of the good things will come. Success is not measured by how you compare it's measured by your happiness! by even.keel

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