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I honestly HATE what they did to team rocket in some of the later seasons. they made them actually mean, not at all funny, and overall plain bad. I loved it when they were goofy, fun, nice(er), and only worked so hard because they were scared to disappoint their boss.. and at times they knew what their doing was truly bad they made a choice to do good instead of doing as Giovanni said,, lol srry for the long description

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Team Rocket and the Fourth Wall are what made my childhood that much more awesome. <3

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Team Magma and Team Aqua. But can we please talk about Stephen Stone in the background???

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Wow, I will never look at Team Rocket the same again!

Pokémon Sun & Moon/#2063641 - Zerochan

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I like this :DD I honestly have no clue what this is, but I thought it was pretty neat. :)

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I’m at the ice mountain in Pokemon Moon and it is the best Pokemon game ever IMO. It’s so so so so so good and smart and fun and I love Team Skull and I love the story and I love the music and the graphics and the mechanics and my good bird friend...

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I just spent 5 minutes of my life laughing at this thing XD

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